The Beat Saber game is a promising project that has long attracted the attention of users.

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2021 brought a lot of exciting news to fans of VR entertainment. The coming year is not going to lag behind its predecessor. This post mentions the most anticipated of the VR games.

The future of the gaming industry is in VR games, which are now played both at home and in gaming salons that are open in almost every city. Market analysis shows that this entertainment may well be collaborative. Here's a selection of the 10 best VR games for a group of friends.

Cowbots and Aliens - VR игра для компании

Facebook plans to change its name and rebrand. With this decision, Mark Zuckerberg plans to demonstrate a desire to ensure the rapid development of a social network with all the existing shortcomings. According to the latest data, the rebranding is connected with the plans of the management to develop the "metaverse".

Facebook rebranding and the metaverse - what's the connection?

Didn't you wait? VR helmets from Apple

Organization of children's birthdays with the Vrata club!

More recently, a new blockbuster laser battle in Odessa has appeared in the active entertainment industry. Laser tag is a modern version of everyone's favorite games that simulate combat, for example, paintball or airsoft. But in laser tag, players try to hit each other not with paintballs, but with a laser from weapons that are safe for life and health. The laser itself will also not cause any harm to the player. A well-organized laser tag in a specialized club is an excellent option for active recreation with the whole family or a large group of friends.

Panasonic specialists have created fundamentally new virtual reality glasses, the size of which is much smaller than usual. Modern technologies make it possible to fit all the electronics necessary for the operation of the device in a small frame, however, the technology is still far from perfect, and the glasses, although they have become smaller, still have not turned into the same small and neat, as, for example, sunglasses.

No one was expecting a full-fledged continuation of the cult Halfa. However, 12 years after the release of the last part, Valve announced Half-Life Alyx. The game will be released only for computers with a VR headset. Events will take place between the first and second parts. The game is expected to be released in March 2020.

Valve officially introduced the new Index VR headset in May 2019, which immediately attracted the attention of many gamers. Developers first created their product and gave it their name. Valve Index review shows that it is the most advanced gadget on the market, providing a truly realistic immersion in the virtual world.

To get into virtual reality, you don't have to become a hero of the game - just put on HTC Vive Cosmos glasses and plunge into new worlds. In our review, we will tell you about these VR glasses.

VR games are becoming more and more popular, not only among children but also among adults. It is quite difficult to compare such pleasure with anything since such games allow the participants to plunge into an unusual and unreal world completely.

With the development of modern technologies, the number of not only gaming but also video content for viewing in 3D is rapidly increasing. Virtual reality glasses are used today not only for games but also for watching fascinating films. We have prepared for you an overview of the best and most interesting VR films, choose a genre for yourself, put on glasses and enjoy watching..

To fly to the Moon, explore the bottom of the world's oceans, become a Soviet scout in World War II - now all this is available without leaving your home. VR glasses provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the virtual world of entertainment. Today, virtual reality games are especially popular in the App Store and Google Play. To enjoy them, you'll need a standalone VR headset. In this article, we will tell you about the TOP 6 best glasses.

Virtual reality is a process of immersion in electronic reality. Impressive special effects caused by technological devices penetrate not only into the world of games, but also into the world of business, primarily trade, and the development of new products. The largest companies are investing billions of dollars in this technology. For example, the Facebook founder recently admitted that his company will spend $ 3 billion over the next decade on developing solutions using VR.

From time to time we want to be transported to another reality - an interesting one, full of adventures and amazing travels. The illusion of complete immersion in a fantasy world is created by VR games. By participating in them, you can experience vivid sensations and forget about your daily routine.

The popularity of this entertainment is growing every day. Hundreds of plots have been developed - strategies and quests, exciting shooters, and gambling races ... It's easy to get lost in such an abundance! To make it easier for Vrata club visitors to navigate the virtual world, we have compiled a gaming rating. He will help you choose the genre, plot, and atmosphere.

VR today.

Today VR technologies are developing rapidly and are used in a variety of projects. They cover a variety of areas and industries:

  • Video games.
  • Education.
  • Industry.
  • The medicine.
  • Film industry.

The market for the gaming industry always follows trends, so it is not surprising that virtual reality technology has become widespread in this industry.

Today, the key directions of VR development can be identified:

  • Games.
  • Movies.
  • Broadcasts.
  • Social networks.
  • Real estate, trade.
  • Education, medicine.
  • Industry and military-industrial complex.

Like other similar industries, VR is actively expanding into new spaces. Therefore, the list is constantly updated with new areas. We will talk about the most popular and developed industries.

Virtual reality is an artificial world created by technical means. It is transmitted to a person through his sensations:

  • Vision.
  • Hearing.
  • Touch.
  • Smell.

The unique technology makes it possible to simulate not just the impact, but also the response to the impact.

Long-awaited new product - Oculus Quest 2 from media giant Facebook! At its event, the company of the same name presented a new model from the line of virtual headsets. Compared to its predecessor, the device has a simplified interface, more productive hardware, and the ability to voice control.

Our advantages

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cool in summer

have ventilation
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you won't slip

carpet on the floor
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No errors

strong iron
Клуб виртуальной реальности в Одесе - № 3 |

Convenient attachment to the head

cords will not interfere
Клуб виртуальной реальности в Одесе - № 4 |

Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE

in a club
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do not hide emotions


The first time I came to the virtual reality club, and although I don't really like computer games, I was delighted! You put on glasses and just find yourself in another world. I managed to play different games and everything is cool in its way. What surprised me the most was Google Maps. An unreal feeling when you fly above the ground and see cities from above. It feels like you are there. Guys - thank you, gorgeous establishment, I will definitely come again. The staff is super, everything was shown, explained, configured. In general, wait for us!

I advise everyone!

A lot of positive emotions! Virtual reality is something everyone should try. And especially - it's a cool option to spend time with friends. I had a lot of fun at the VRATA club. Nice staff, friendly atmosphere, interesting games - everything is right! I started playing with Beat Saber, then flew like an eagle in Eagle Flight for a long time (this is something - the feeling of flying!), I tried SUPERHOT - very interesting, but you have to get used to “stopping time”. I was also impressed by the virtual trip to Google Earth! It is simply incredible to see the Earth live from space, visit different continents, in cities, even stand on the street of a city, look around, see a panorama - it's worth trying! I want more!

Everything was great! This is really the largest virtual reality club in Odessa, there were other clubs too, but everything is small and inconvenient there, very cool right there! Guys keep it up

A wonderful place with a pleasant atmosphere, friendly administrators, and many interesting games! Who has not tried it - must try, who is already experienced - and so knows that you need to download the skill)) An excellent mix of communication, a little physical activity, and virtual reality! Thank you for a wonderful and fun evening !!!

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