Overview Points HTC VIVE COSMOS virtual reality

Overview Points HTC VIVE COSMOS virtual reality

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To get into virtual reality, you don't have to become a hero of the game - just put on HTC Vive Cosmos glasses and plunge into new worlds. This comfortable headset replaces the previous Vive, Vive Pro, and Vive Pro Eye models. The developers took into account the remarks about the discomfort during prolonged wear, changed the design and now the glasses are conveniently located on the face, this allows you to play for several hours in a row without taking off.

Specifications HTC Vive Сosmos:

  • color blue with black;
  • general resolution 2880 * 1700;
  • display resolution 1400 * 1700;
  • refresh rate 90 Hz;
  • built-in microphone;
  • built-in headphones;
  • 8 GB RAM reserve;
  • autonomous work from 2 AA batteries;
  • weight 600 g;
  • required OS Windows 10.

For the convenience of the user, HTC Vive Сosmos are equipped with the interfaces necessary for connecting additional devices:

    • Display Port v 1.2;
    • USB 3.0.

    A feature of the model is the automatic adjustment of the interpupillary distance, due to which, during use, the picture merges into a single whole and creates a feeling of complete immersion in another reality. The headphones are built-in, the sound quality is excellent - when playing, all special effects will be distinguishable and you will have a feeling of complete immersion in the game world.

    For accurate and reliable tracking, the HTC Vive Cosmos virtual reality glasses have 6 cameras built into the body. The camera is aimed at the lower edge of the front bezel, so the controllers will not be lost from view and this will make the use even more accurate. Synchronization between cameras takes milliseconds, which means no freezes for the user and fast location switching.

    Another feature of this model is the automatic adjustment of all parameters. The built-in auto-fitting system has been improved compared to previous versions, numerous reviews of HTC Vive Cosmos confirm: in this model, the developers took into account all the wishes of users and fixed some technical bugs related to fine-tuning the system to start using it. The built-in tracking system requires a certain level of illumination, which must be taken into account when working with glasses. In the dark, they may not display the picture or video correctly.

    HTC Vive Сosmos Overview

    Обзор HTC Vive Сosmos

    The HTC Vive Cosmos virtual reality glasses are a new premium VR system that opens up new worlds for you. They will appeal to both beginners who first wear them to immerse themselves in new sensations, and experienced users who have something to compare with.

    Clear graphics

    Thanks to the high screen resolution, the picture is as detailed as possible and the feeling of reality is amplified many times over. The special synchronization system of the right and left eye images allows you to achieve depth of perspective. Feature - the merging of the space between the pupils, the video is displayed in one piece.


    Numerous reviews of HTC Vive Cosmos note the convenience of using glasses. The folding screen allows you to quickly switch attention between the virtual and real worlds without removing the entire structure. Designed to be easy to take off and put on, the comfort of the fit allows you to spend a lot of time in the virtual world.


    For the manufacture of HTC Vive Cosmos, high-quality materials were used, all parts are ideally matched to each other. Thanks to their low weight, the glasses feel light, soft, and breathable - even in the heat, you will not experience discomfort.

    Convenient controllers

    Vive controllers work smoothly when connected to a tracking system, there are no annoying freezes and pauses in work. It is also worth noting that originally designed for gamers, the glasses are also suitable for working with other types of VR content.


    The versatile specifications of the HTC Vive Cosmos eliminate the need for base stations. The tracking system is provided by the operation of six cameras, which are controlled by the main one on the front panel.

    A short review of HTC Vive Cosmos will not reveal the full benefits of VR headsets. We advise you to buy them to independently assess the quality of this model.

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