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After The fall

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The Review of VR Game After The Fall

After The Fall is an immersive VR game that transports the player to post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Developed by Vertigo Games, the game is an excellent example of how VR can fully immerse the player in a new world.

The plot of the VR game After The Fall

The player plays as a survivor who must fight hordes of infected, zombies and other dangers to survive and save humanity. The plot of the game is very simple, but that doesn't matter as the main focus is on gameplay.

Gameplay of After The Fall

After The Fall is a cooperative VR game where players have to work together to survive. There are many different weapons that players can use in the game, and each weapon has its own characteristics. Players can also complete different missions that increase the difficulty level of the game and give players more experience.

Features of After The Fall

One of the main features of the game is its cooperative mode. Players can play together with friends or other players to survive and defeat the infected. In addition, the game has great graphics that complement the immersive gameplay. Add to this a virtual VRATA club in Odesa where you can play After The Fall with friends or people you meet in the club.

Conclusion of Vrata club team

After The Fall is a great VR game with exciting gameplay and interesting features. The game's story may be simple, but that doesn't stop players from enjoying the combat system and missions. Players who want to fully immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic world should definitely try After The Fall.

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