Climbey game review

Virtual reality games attract with a sense of extreme, risk, and breakneck speed. But not everyone likes battles and fights with fantastic monsters. If you want an energetic and fun game, choose Climbey - a story that is completely unrelated to a fighting game. This is a kind of climbing simulator in which the player has to reach the goal as quickly as possible.

The game has everything from which adrenaline fountains - sheer walls, mind-blowing jumps, terrible abysses. In the Vrata club, you can play alone or have a fun competition with a group of friends.

Climbey game: overview, features, and controls

The player finds himself in a rather strange world, consisting of giant platforms, buildings, and rocks. Sheer walls are equipped with handrails that you need to cling to when moving. To get from one block to another, you have to jump from a huge height.

Choosing a new game, the gamer will certainly take an interest - what is this genre? Climbey does not have a pronounced style, classic gameplay is also absent. The game can be called a combination of racing, parkour, and simulator. The main task of the players is to overcome obstacles at speed, collecting prize flags along the way.

The main advantage of the game is extremely realistic movements. The developers managed to convey the features of gravity incredibly accurately. The player feels every gesture of virtual hands, tilts, head turns.

The process becomes even more fun when using additional options. Among them:

  • 15 difficulty levels;
  • playing in a team of 2 to 8 people;
  • individual adjustment of movements;
  • selection of controls and design;
  • support for custom skyboxes.

Experienced players can edit difficulty levels to suit their skills. It is interesting to act in different locations - among skyscrapers, snow-capped mountains, or in a city flooded with boiling lava.

The controls are very simple - a VR headset and controllers are enough. The interface is intuitive even for a beginner. But getting around is difficult at first, especially when jumping. The smallest mistake knocks the player back. Entering the game, you need to be prepared for risky experiments. Free movement is also provided, but it is very insidious. An accidental step can be a mistake and lead to a loss of progress.

Advantages and disadvantages of the game

It's hard to imagine a virtual game that is more active than Climbey - the passage requires jumps, waving hands, turns. The developers warn in the description that controlling the virtual body is not easy. A quick reaction is important, without which you cannot overcome the dangers - sharp thorns, rocky cliffs, hidden traps.

It's especially fun to play as a team. The passage is based on competition, but the players can help each other - push, pull up by the hand. Participants choose different clothes and accessories for their characters. Beginners often plunge into the abyss and miss their jumps, confusing experienced climbers.

The disadvantage of the game is the graphics - rather primitive, with expressionless shades. The feeling of three-dimensionality is achieved only due to the ideal mechanics of movements. The controllers are not entirely convenient - it would be easier to control virtual hands with VR gloves.

The main drawback of the interface is the lack of explanations for buttons and labels in some menus. Hover hints are not given as in other VR games.

The game is not recommended for people with a weak vestibular apparatus. They may experience discomfort - dizziness, loss of balance, sweating.

What is required to play Climbey - a description of the system requirements

The game appeared on the computer market in 2016. It was created by Brian Lindenhof for Windows. You can play on a PC or ps4 game console. An indispensable condition for virtual reality is the presence of controllers and an HTC Oculus rift or HTC Vive headset.

There are also some system conditions:

  • operating system - not earlier than Windows7;
  • video card type - NVidia Geforce GTX 970;
  • processor - Any i5;
  • free disk space - from 100 Mb.

In addition to technical requirements, a free space of up to 1.5 m is required within a radius of the player. Making sudden movements, you can touch objects standing nearby.

Fun and helpful Climbey - user reviews. The game has gathered many fans around the globe. SteamDB statistics show that 90% of gamers give it the highest rating. A small but active online community of Climbey fans has emerged. They arrange exciting online walkthroughs, shoot funny videos for YouTube.

According to the reviews, "climbers" get fun and very rewarding experience. They get the opportunity to feel like a real climber or roofer. The 3D mode, enhanced by VR technology, creates a complete sense of presence. The game perfectly develops a reaction, dexterity, and logical thinking.

For plenty of fun at Climbey, come to our Vrata Club!

  • Not installed on all consoles


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