Counter Strike VR (Pavlov)

Counter Strike VR (Pavlov)

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Pavlov VR game review

As in all the famous Counter-Strike, the game is based on the idea of a confrontation between two teams, namely terrorists against counter-terrorists. A huge selection of weapons is already waiting for you: from AK-47 to powerful grenades.

Note that the game is so realistic that you will even feel the recoil when shooting. So we do not recommend ignoring the training and adaptation period. Better "take aim," in the truest sense of the word.

In addition to a varied selection of weapons, you will find many cool locations. Study each of them so that you have no equal on the battlefield!

You will not only have to shoot, but also learn new techniques. For example, during a battle, quietly get close to the enemy and deprive him of the clip of his weapon, or even pick up a machine gun. You can also hit with the butt and much more.

We can tell you for a long time about the features of this game. But it's better to try once than read a hundred times, right? And then try again, and again ... Because we assure you that you will not stop at one battle!

Pavlov VR is one hundred percent leader among virtual reality games. Even though beginners will have to face difficulties during the passage, this is the best combat simulator that did not leave any player unimpressed. People who have tried this gameplay once will no longer be able to shake off the desire to improve in this game and train their skills. Pavlov VR review will help you make sure that this kind of entertainment is unique.

Fans of the previously known game Counter-Strike and the similar will surely appreciate the offer from the creators of Pavlov VR. It's hard to give up a fun multiplayer virtual reality shooter that is more fun than playing ps4 at home. The process is very dynamic and will bring maximum pleasure during the battle in helmets to simulate reality.

The game will delight visitors with high-quality graphics, with regular updates and improvements. It is important for developers that there are no system errors and bugs in Pavlov VR. Interest is fueled by the addition of new maps and tasks.

Weapons and controls

Pavlov VR description for those willing to visit the Vrata club with their friends. Experienced players know that this is the most realistic simulation game ever offered. The process uses believable weapons, and the sound of reloading is indistinguishable from the real one.

To reload a weapon, you need to have special skills, it will not be completed by pressing one button. A combination of actions will be required, which may differ depending on the type of weapon selected and modification. As an example, consider the AK-74:

  • remove your hand from the forearm;
  • delete an empty magazine;
  • get a replacement from the pouch;
  • insert into the machine;
  • distort the shutter;
  • return to the previous position of the hands and shoot.

This process is performed during every recharge.

It is better to hold on to the forend of the weapon, otherwise, you will encounter a strong recoil, which will interfere with the stabilization of the weapon for a shot or even knock it out of your hands and throw it at a distance of five meters.

In order to move confidently, you will have to go through the adaptation stage. According to the players' reviews, the process lasts 10-15 minutes and is characterized by slight disorientation, after which there is addiction. Squatting, jumping, and moving around in the game requires doing the same in real life.

Unusual characteristics of the game knife. It is not attached to the hands, so if it does not hold, it will immediately fall. During the fight, it can injure the enemy.

There are also grenades in Pavlov VR. To throw them, you need to have free hands, take a grenade in one of them, the second - get rid of the check, the quality of the throw already depends only on the skills of the player.

The description of the game may surprise you with some interesting points. For example, during a battle, you can get to your opponent and deprive him of the clip, or even pick it up during the battle. The player can strike with the butt of the rifle.

Pavlov VR game features

The game resembles such "shooters" and offers visitors a large selection of locations, a variety of weapons, and high-quality gameplay. Now Pavlov VR has become even easier with the latest updates from the developers.

One of these innovations was the ability to revive immediately after death, as well as the purchase of a renewable stock of weapons. Players are equipped with a complete set of equipment, ranging from a regular knife to a sniper rifle.

You can try yourself in the game mode with bots. There is a voice chat support function in the process, as in all online shooters.

Graphics meet the requirements of even the pickiest gamers, weapons are animated, and shooting and reloading make realistic sounds.

System requirements for the game

For virtual reality games, it is necessary to comply with increased requirements for the pc and related equipment. As a minimum, OS Windows 7 64 bit must be installed, and in the optimal version - version 10. RAM from 4 GB, for an improved game process 8 is recommended. Modern video card and hard drive. The internet connection has to be broadband and uninterrupted.

Advantages of choosing Odessa VRATA club

We are waiting for everyone in our club in Odessa, which is located at the address: Malaya Arnautskaya, 46. We guarantee an unforgettable pastime and positive emotions.

Pavlov VR reviews only in a positive way, which confirms the benefits of such a pastime with friends. Courteous staff, various cards, and comfortable conditions will surely please you.

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