Escape First 2

Escape First 2

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Escape First 2 is the second installment of the hit Room Escape game that can be installed on your PC or played in VR mode. It should be noted that the game offers users to test themselves in 3 different modes at once. Besides, you can play together with other people or alone. The genre is an increasingly popular reality quest or, as other users call it, an escape room.


Thus, the main goal of the player is to get out of the room. You can do this together with 6 friends or alone, while in competitive mode with other players. By the way, you can try to get out of an enclosed space not only on a PC but also using VR. So, for example, the passage of Escape First 2 is possible on the HTC Oculus Rift. In other words, the player is invited to fully immerse himself in the atmosphere of this game using the virtual reality mode.


The gameplay of the game is based on finding a way out of various rooms. There are three modes in total, as already mentioned. Thus, the player can become a fugitive from the following premises:

  • Clown's Lair. The player was able to get out of the terrible clown's premises, but this is not the end of his journey. You need to think very quickly and do various things because now you have to find a way out of the circus.
  • Medieval dungeon. The player finds himself in a dungeon, where he can discover numerous instruments of torture, cages, and even several surviving prisoners. You will hear a scream from the adjacent rooms. After that, you have only one task - to run, but all doors are closed. How can you get out of such a dungeon?
  • Bathroom. You wake up and do not remember what happened to you. But this is not so important, because now you have one goal - to get out of this room.

Escape First 2 reviews say that all three modes are extremely interesting. In other words, you can play in any of the 3 rooms - it all depends on the player's wishes.


To install the game on a personal computer, you need to familiarize yourself with the system requirements. So, for the passage, you need a computer with the operating system Windows 7/8/10. Bit depth - 64 bits. The processor must be Intel I3 (minimum requirements) or Intel I5 4650 (recommended). The video card can be Nvidia 760 / Nvidia 970 (or equivalent devices). In other words, you can play on an average computer, and the graphics are quite realistic here.


Escape First 2 is a very interesting and addicting puzzle game where you can spend time with your friends. Numerous reviews on the Internet report that the game fits perfectly into the reality quest genre.


If you don't want to waste time downloading the puzzle or your PC does not meet the system requirements, you can always play at the VRATA club. What it is? VRATA is a computer club where users can find a huge number of games and their launch options (VR, PC, PS4, etc.). Nice prices, numerous promotions, free access, and much more - all this will meet you at the VRATA club. It should be noted that if desired, all information can be found on the official website. Here you will find technical support, information about available games, information about game rooms, prices, etc.

It should be noted that the club offers a special “mode” for team building and corporate events. Thus, you can rent the entire club for 5 hours. You will have full access to virtual reality, private PS4 rooms, kitchen, bar, and even hookahs. Also, you will be offered a mafia game with a professional host. This is an extremely exciting pastime, especially in the company of familiar people.

Of the advantages of the club, it is worth highlighting the presence of a carpet on the floor, thanks to which you will not slip while playing. Besides, VRATA offers you only high-quality hardware that will not lag. Do not forget that helmets and other equipment are attached to the head in such a way that the wires do not interfere with you during the game. Come and play with pleasure anytime!

  • Not installed on all consoles


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