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Half-Life: Alyx

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Half-Life: Alyx is a game designed to be played with VR headsets on PS4 or PC. It cannot be played without a traditional helmet, the company offers to play in the HTC Oculus headset, the stake is made on tracking each hand. The details of the new plot were distributed by the manufacturing company to many well-known gaming resources - the first information appeared on the pages of the development studio itself, in the official supplier of the Steam store, and in a large-scale video by Jeff Keighley.

The game's plot

Events take place in the notorious city of City-17 a few years before the Citadel was destroyed and Eli Vance died. The main characters are Alix and her father. There is an opportunity to play as the main character and be transported to the city, where the events that will decide the course of the war will take place.

They will join the fight against the Alliance, aliens who made their slaves out of Earthlings and began to use the planet as their own resource for the development of civilization. The heroes organize their own resistance, during which special projects for liberation will be developed.

Half-Life: Alyx description

The game Half-Life: Alyx contains all the classic features of the series - puzzles, exploring the world in which the player will find himself, interesting battles, and a mysterious story that connects the characters of the game universe. In total, it will take about 15 hours to complete the full game.

Alice will not operate a gravitational gun familiar to players, but among the new weapons there are gravity gloves, they make it possible to control various objects. Additional weapons include a pistol, submachine gun, tire bar, and shotgun.

Enemies - famous harvesters, striders, headcrabs, and lions, zombies. They, too, will be endowed with unique, new abilities. For example, zombies will be able to strike the enemy with lightning.

Half-Life: Alyx review

During the passage of the game, you will have to solve the brainteasers many times. For example, hacking a terminal would take a multi-tool and manual dexterity to complete the remainder of the mission. The task is complicated by the fact that the player is not given a training mode, you need to try to solve the puzzle in one go. During the passage, there are several tasks with different levels of difficulty.

Half-Life: Alyx will also tickle the nerves of horror fans - the world has excellent tactility, so you will feel when the headcrab jumps, you will be able to closely examine each of its teeth that are eager to sink into the head.

In the previous parts, it seemed that Freeman is an invincible robot that will withstand any target. But in the new game, a couple of Alliance soldiers are already a big danger. To crouch behind cover, you really have to bend down to peek around the corner to tilt your head, and during shootouts, aim as if you are participating in a real battle.

Game walkthrough

The developers describe the gameplay as follows: “Aim from around the corner, from behind a broken wall, shoot under the looming enemy from the world of Zen. Explore different places, go into buildings to find auxiliary items - first aid kits, cartridges, food. Use tools to crack the safes of alien enemies. Throw an object through the window to distract the enemy and have time to escape uncaught. Rip off the attacking headcrab from his face and throw him into the harvester. "

In addition to the light signals on the gloves, the weapon will report its condition:

  • Blue is a charged pistol.
  • Red is discharged.

The glove additionally shows the number of cartridges in the backpack, and not in the magazine. This makes it possible to control the remaining supplies to have time to renew them at a critical point.

Some actions are performed in real mode, for example, getting items from your backpack, reloading a weapon, shooting it, or switching between different items. The game is very convenient for long sessions - spending 1.5 hours in virtual space is not a problem, because everything is optimized specifically for the convenience of the players.

Half-Life: Alyx reviews

In the reviews, players note the following points:

  1. The level of the game is at a high level.
  2. All the nuances have been carefully worked out.
  3. With the realism of actions, you can see even the smallest details.
  4. Convenience - you can play for several hours without fatigue.

Half-Life: Alyx is a unique game that has many custom features from the manufacturer that you will not find in any of the created universes. Book a game and spend some unforgettable hours trying to defeat an alien invasion. And in this you will be helped by VR-glasses, which make you feel completely immersed in the world of City-17 with the help of first-class graphics.

  • Not installed on all consoles


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