Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

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Croteam studio has just announced a new release for this action-packed ps4 game, but probably no one expected it to be a game made exclusively for VR headsets! In Serious Sam VR: Last Hope, we will face hordes of enemies that move from planet to planet and fight with mental forces. Of course, we have a wide arsenal of weapons and combat skills at our disposal, which we will improve between missions.

The plot of the game

The action of Serious Sam VR takes us back to the beginning of the great war with the forces of the sinister Mental, who is the main antagonist in all previous parts of the cycle. The villain's goal is to break the resistance of subsequent peoples, gradually destroying ancient temples and other important places of worship. The resistance is led by the fearless General of the Earth Defense Force (EDF) Sam "Serious" Stone, who, while traveling aboard the BC star Saratoga, confronts invaders and becomes the name's last resort for the galaxy's oppressed citizens.

The general interface of Serious Sam VR does not differ significantly from all the full-fledged parts of the series. Thus, we get a fast-paced first-person shooter, which focuses on fast action and brutal methods of eliminating opponents. As in previous installments of the series, the game has abandoned the cutscenes or scenarios known by many modern shooters, such as Call of Duty or the Battlefield series. While aboard the ship, our protagonist chooses a different destination and then, without further ado, enters the battlefield to do what he does best.

During subsequent missions, "Serious" Sam is faced with countless hordes of enemies, among which were creatures known from the previous parts of the series, as well as brand new ones. Also, each stage of the game is crowned with a powerful and extremely demanding boss. Of course, the game does not exhaust the extremely vast arsenal of deadly weapons, thanks to which we can fight the subsequent enemies in many cruel and rather sophisticated, but always effective ways. An integral part of Sam's equipment is also armor, which in the intervals between successive missions can be further improved and equipped with various useful enhancements.

Serious Sam VR: the last hope management

Unlike other popular virtual reality shooting games like Raw Data, there is no teleportation or movement in virtual space, other than you will dodge and move around the virtual reality playground. Enemies also only attack you 180 degrees. A huge number of enemies, limited ammo, and health make the levels a real challenge.


The main game consists of 20 levels: four missions on five planets. While you mostly sit still and can play even from a seated position, Last Hope is built for scale, so you can move around a bit in each environment. There are even some levels that take place on a moving platform - both vertical and horizontal - adding a little variety and a sense of mobility. Depending on how well you do, and what difficulty level you play, you will receive weapon upgrades, skills, and power-ups such as double damage, massive orbital weapons, and slow time. You can also play Endless Wave and Arena modes with a random breed of 8 planets each, as well as daily challenges, but there aren't many regular players, so the leaderboards are littered with the same names.

Serious Sam VR includes a wide range of pistols, from single-shot pistols and shotguns and rocket launchers to faster-firing weapons such as automatic rifles, battle rifles, and laser cannons.

The power sword offers a good mix of melee and ranged combat as it generates a huge energy surge that pierces hordes of enemies, but also makes it powerful and a bit cheap, although it was very handy on higher difficulty levels.

System requirements

Below are the minimum and recommended system requirements for Serious Sam VR: The Last Hop:

  • Intel Core i5 processor - 4590
  • GraphicsAMD R9 290 or NVIDIA GTX 970
  • Memory 6 GB
  • Disk space 10 GB free space
  • SystemWindows 7 64bit

Let's sum up

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hop combines frantic action, rich humor, and beautiful graphics in a solid VR package that has you playing over and over again. The game has few minor flaws, but it's ultimately one of the best VR waves shooters you can play. Check it out for yourself, visit our virtual vrata club, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of exciting action.

  • Not installed on all consoles


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