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The Forest

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Review of the game The Forest.

Imagine, you and your friends have planned a cool vacation, got on a plane and are absolutely unaware. It is difficult to predict a plane crash. And now, instead of a fabulous weekend, you find yourself on a desert island.

Now you have to build a shelter, get food and learn how to survive in the wild. Oh yes, one more thing. The island is uninhabited only at first glance. Your new neighbors - cannibalistic monsters, do not need an invitation to housewarming and will not keep you waiting long. So we advise you to first of all get yourself a weapon.

Realistic graphics and soundtrack from the first minutes immerses you in the world of virtual reality. You will be able to fully experience life without civilization and at the same time check with which of your friends it is really not scary to be on a desert island.

The virtual reality club offers to play an exciting horror with the theme of survival in the forest. The plot of the game is about survival on an island with cannibals. Throughout the gameplay, you need to build caves, make fire, hunt wild animals, and defend yourself from cannibals who may come at any moment. This gameplay is about a primitive world in which there are absolutely no traces of civilization. During the day, the life of the protagonist is in full swing, who is trying to survive, and at night he is attacked by cannibals.

The storyline and description of the game.

The Forest plot of the game begins with a trailer telling a gripping story about the son of the protagonist, who was captured by the terrible cannibals. Throughout the gameplay, the player walks through a deserted, wooded area in search of shelter and protection from monsters. He has to survive in difficult conditions for the main mission of saving his son.

The graphics of the game immerse you in the atmosphere of an abandoned island from the first seconds. Realistic huts and monsters - cannibals deserve special attention. In the background, you can see the scenery of an abandoned forest with realistic drawings of fir trees and bushes. Cannibals watch the main character's hut and do not attack during the daytime. From early in the morning the character needs to get food sources, get medicines, and ammunition, with which you can defend. The main weapon is a hammer, arrows and a bow, an ax, and a spear. In the dark, it is necessary to defend against the evil cannibals who come with clubs and torches. The Forest the passage of the game can be alone or with friends up to 4 people. Each person thought about life in the world of post-apocalypse and primitiveness. The gameplay provides an opportunity in virtual reality to plunge into the world of the aborigines and survive without the conditions of civilization.

The Forest review of the game was made by many gamers who highly appreciated the realistic graphics and captivating plot. It is not easy to complete this game. You will not be bored throughout its entire length. Finding food and fighting the cannibals that await you at every corner will give you a thrill. The features of the game are in a primitive world when survival requires only a spear, a torch, and a hut built from scrap materials.

System requirements.

The gameplay is launched on a personal computer, which must have the following permissions:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB of RAM
  • Disk space: 5 GB
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
  • DirectX: Version 9.0

If these requirements are met, the game will work stably without freezing and display all the clarity of the graphics. The Quad-Core Processor allows you to immerse yourself in the gameplay with maximum graphics and convey all the memories more realistically. The game can be connected to the eighth generation PS4 console and played at high settings, completely immersed in a fun process. For complete immersion, you can use glasses and a virtual reality helmet HTC Oculus. This will allow you to experience an unforgettable experience and look at the game in a new way.

User reviews.

The Forest was reviewed by many gamers who were impressed by the interesting sound, realistic graphics, and exciting post-apocalypse plot. Users appreciated the exciting descent into the caves and the meeting with the cannibals who appear from the corner at the most unexpected moment. Many interesting buildings and defensive structures make the game even more realistic. Gamers draw a parallel to the game with the popular TV series LOST, which also featured a desert island and a mission to survive. The users of The Forest have left positive reviews and gave it a high rating of 8 points out of 10. The gameplay will be highly appreciated by users who like survival games. The gripping plot and constant development completely capture the attention and plunge into the atmosphere of the primitive world.

Every day of the hero's life is filled with getting food, fire, building a hut, and searching for items of weapons for defense. Each night is full of mystery and danger that awaits at every step. In the dark, it is necessary to make a fire, this overtakes the evil orcs and allows you not to freeze at night. The main character makes his way with every step into the very heart of darkness to fulfill his mission to save his son.

The game will not leave anyone indifferent. This is an excellent simulator of primitive life and the fight against otherworldly forces. Realistic graphics allow the user to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay and fight alone with a whole army of evil cannibals. Jump into the game right now and try your hand at survival in the post-apocalypse world.

  • Not installed on all consoles


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