You have to play in the first person and immerse yourself in a virtual world where the deadly V1V3 virus is spreading, which first kills people and then turns them into creepy zombies. In order not to become one of them, you need to find a life-saving vaccine against the virus.

You will have to wade through many dangerous locations, including through a large metropolis, where it was not very calm even in peacetime. The journey is carried out through the sewers of the metropolis, from where you get to this or that area. In each mission, a new danger awaits you and your friends, so you will have to learn crafts and provide yourself with weapons.

You will need medicine, food and water, and you will have to pay attention to injuries and injuries. You can test yourself for strength in survival mode with 30 waves of zombie hordes, or in search and survival mode, where you need to find a vaccine and wait for evacuation. But the coolest mode is the "Big Bird" mission, where players fly in a helicopter and exterminate hordes of mutants.

  • Not installed on all consoles


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