Your child has already tried out all of the standard Birthday celebrations?


  • The child's friends will be impressed. Their parents will listen for another month, how cool it was

  • Unforgettable memories of immersion in a virtual world in a team or alone

Virtual reality - the trend of the year.

Everyone should try it.

Application for a child's birthday in Odessa


In one room, you can:

  • vrata


    • Virtual reality - VR 12 game helmets
    • 4 VIP rooms with PS5
    • PS5 + Kinnekt for fiery dances in the Just Dance game that makes kids crazy
    • Attraction "Slick" - developing the game on logic and motor skills of hands
    • Board Games - from giant chess to monopoly
  • Make a feast

Watch 3D-tour


Everyone will find the suitable game:
boys and girls!

The optimal
number of children? 12-20 CHILDREN!
For children from 8 years
and older


Application for a child's birthday in Odessa


What is included in the price?

Package «MINI»
  • 4 gaming VR helmets
  • 1 VIP room with PS5
  • Banquet hall for 8 persons
  • 1 administrator VR
  • Attraction "LOOTBOX" - the birthday boy pulls a guaranteed prize
Club rent 3 hours3000 UAH
4500 UAH
Package «STANDARD»
  • 8 VR gaming helmets
  • 1 VIP room with PS5
  • PS5 pro on the big screen
  • PS5 + kinect (JustDance incendiary dances)
  • Attraction "Slick"
  • Board games
  • A large banquet hall for 12 persons
  • Banquet hall for 8 persons for parents
  • 2 VR Administrators
  • Attraction "LOOTBOX" - the birthday boy pulls a guaranteed prize
Club rent 4 hours6500 UAH
10800 UAH
Package «MAX»
  • 12 VR gaming helmets
  • 4 VIP rooms with PS5
  • PS5 pro on the big screen
  • PS5 + kinect (JustDance incendiary dances)
  • Attraction "Slick"
  • Board games
  • A large banquet hall for 18 persons
  • Banquet hall for 8 persons for parents
  • 3 VR Administrators
  • Attraction "LOOTBOX" - the birthday boy pulls a guaranteed prize
Club rent 4 hours10000 UAH
16800 UAH



our cafe

  • Cafe where comfortably accommodate 20 people

  • Possible to make buffet table near the consoles

All will play enough

  • 8-20

    number of guests

  • 2

    Minimum 2 hours: :
    everyone will have time to play enough

We give

1 hour


  • With us you can have fun even together! No matter how many guests there are on your holiday, we will organize everything at the highest level.

    Ideal for those who:
    - wants to celebrate his birthday only in the company of his closest ones;
    - plans an active program for his holiday and is going to visit several places;
    - knows that not all guests will be able to come to the party.

    Leave a request and we will contact you for a detailed consultation!

    Less than 8

  • If you think 4 hours of continuous fun is too much, don't hurry up with conclusions! It is not at all necessary to “hang out” in the virtual reality.

    Play as much as is comfortable for you, and the remaining time you can conduct for a discussion of impressions in a room with a PS4, a tasty snack and relax. And, of course, blow out the candles by making a wish!

    We adapt the format of the holiday for you, so that you have the most fun had time!

    Is 4 hours long?

The promotion is valid only on the day of birth on presentation of evidence passport(you can show your photo and document)

GIVE 1 hour of play for the birthday

Детский день рождения

Children's birthday is a responsible event, which is important to properly organize so that the child is satisfied first of all. Adults can try to do this on their own or entrust a company that knows a lot about children's parties.

When thinking about how to celebrate a children's birthday, adults should take into account, first of all, the activity of children. They are not very interested in sitting at the table, they will want to play, run, so they need a space in which the birthday boy and his guests can throw out the accumulated energy. A great idea can be a visit to the Vrata VR club, from which children 5-7 years old and older will be delighted. The virtual reality club will help you organize an unforgettable, interesting holiday for your child!

When organizing a holiday at home, both children and parents experience stress: the former, because you have to limit yourself, you cannot run and have fun so as not to disturb neighbors or parents, and the latter, because you have to not only fuss during the holiday but also clean up, wash the dishes after it ends. It is much more convenient to arrange an event outside the apartment, for example, in a play club for children.

Who are we?

Детский день рождения Одесса

Vrata is a virtual reality club where you can plunge into the world of VR using modern technologies (HTC Vive). Give children bright emotions and unforgettable impressions! The playground is designed for 12 seats, you can play as a team or one at a time. Consoles with helmets and joysticks will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world, enjoy the action taking place. The child will share with your delight and vivid impressions for a long time. Besides, the following services are available:

  • Play Station PS4 PRo. You can play in a cafe right at the table.
  • A huge variety of board games, both conventional, including classic monopoly, and giant chess.
  • We will organize a feast, you can choose the menu yourself ((the menu of our club).
  • A Playstation club is available offering a wide range of modern games.

Each child will be able to choose a game to their liking, play enough. With the optimal number of guests, each has a sufficient amount of time, the birthday person receives 1 hour of additional game for free as a gift.

Our advantages in holding a children's birthday

День рождения в Одессе

It is interesting and profitable to spend a children's birthday in Odessa in the Vrata club. Discover a whole new world for yourself and your child! By contacting us, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Possibility to book a playground, a table, choose a suitable children's menu.
  • Affordable prices: we have the lowest cost of services in Odessa.
  • An inexpensive cafe in the club itself, where adults can eat, relax and chat while the children play.
  • Convenient work schedule.
  • A large number of modern and popular games for children, such as FIFA, Mortal Kombat. A complete list is available on our website, we have games of different directions for boys and girls.
  • Good discounts. With a full booking of the club, a 50% discount is provided.
  • PS4 pro on the big screen.

  • You can leave an application online or call the club.
  • Reservation implies a prepayment of 2000 hryvnias. You can transfer money with the help of a bank or visit a club. The latter will help you appreciate the pleasant gaming atmosphere, communicate with a friendly team.
  • Convenient location.
  • We run promotions, give discounts and additional playing time
  • где отметить детский день рождения в одессе

  • The optimal number of participants is from 8 to 14, but if there are fewer children, they will not get bored.
  • Large space. The club has a wide area. This is important if the birthday is for children, since little visitors will not have to limit themselves, they will be able to run, shout, play enough, spend time with pleasure, without limiting themselves.
  • The club has a cafe-bar for older visitors.

Vrata is a great place where you can organize a children's birthday party for a child, regardless of age and hobbies. Adults can play too, the equipment is designed for all visitors.

Prices and conditions

When choosing where to spend a children's birthday, parents are guided primarily by the prices in various institutions. We suggest using a table that clearly illustrates our proposals.

Service Price in UAH
Package "Mini" (Club rent 3 hours) 3000
"Standart" package (Club rent for 4 hours)
"Max" package (Club rent for 4 hours) 10000

The restaurant also offers affordable prices, offers delicious dishes loved by children and adults:

Dish Price in UAH
Pizza 140-210
Barbecue 160-180
Burgers, French fries 70-150
Salads 100-160
Fruit 150-170
Juices and soft drinks 20-70
Alcoholic drinks 50-650

We've got a new private cozy room with PS!

Book the Vrata virtual reality club and organize your child a great holiday that he will love!

Our address is st. Malaya Arnautskaya, 46, you can book a club by calling us or come to our club!

Application for a child's birthday in Odessa