Panasonic unveils its own VR glasses

Panasonic unveils its own VR glasses

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The once sensational new Oculus Rift is already a thing of the past: 4 years have passed since its release, and users have even gotten used to massive VR glasses that cover almost half of their faces, like fans of alpine skiing. The device is quite heavy, so its use is not always convenient, especially for a long time.

New from Panasonic

Panasonic specialists have created fundamentally new virtual reality glasses, the size of which is much smaller than usual. Modern technologies make it possible to fit all the electronics necessary for the operation of the device in a small frame, however, the technology is still far from perfect, and the glasses, although they have become smaller, still have not turned into the same small and neat, as, for example, sunglasses. What did Panasonic do? Let's take a closer look

Headset overview

The company plans to make the new technology more or less widespread, the new VR glasses are designed for widespread use by gamers and gaming clubs, so the company will most likely try to make the cost of the accessory affordable. The company presented a prototype of a modern headset at the CES 2020 electronics exhibition, but since that time there have been changes, one might say, for the better.


The headset has received an original stylistic solution: it is made in the steampunk style, somewhat reminiscent of antique glasses for a welder. Key Features:

Panasonic представила прототип собственных VR-очков с необычным дизайном

  • The earpiece is conveniently hidden; it runs along with the bow of the glasses, but it can be adjusted in size, since the wire is free in length, but will not dangle. The device is put on like ordinary glasses, does not have any additional straps, like earlier bulky models. Its mass is much less.
  • The development was obtained through the joint work of Panasonic and the well-known American company Kopin Corporation. It was the latter that made OLED panels for the headset with a resolution of 3840 × 2160, while the diagonal of the screens is only 1 inch. Thanks to the high resolution and miniature size of the display, the creators intend to achieve the clearest and most realistic picture for the user. This will also eliminate the grating effect inherent in most similar devices. The user will no longer notice lines between pixels due to their closer location to each other.
  • Another interesting feature is HDR support. The glasses received a speaker system from Technics. For people with poor eyesight, the ability to change lenses is a great addition. You can insert prescriptions into the device and enjoy the game without discomfort and the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. The frame of the VR headset, as already mentioned, is compact and fits like ordinary glasses.


The Verge has already shared his opinion on the new product from Panasonic. He notes that the glasses have a square field of view, which is smaller than the usual large headsets. He also attributed to the disadvantages of the novelty its slipping during active movements and attempts to look down. Another fact also causes inconvenience: the device needs to be connected to the computer using wires that interfere with the game.

To the pluses, the browser attributed good image quality and the ability to burn the headset for yourself. However, do not forget that the first models of headsets, for example, from Oculus, which caused a sensation at one time, generally had a low resolution - only 800 × 640 - and kept on scotch tape. Panasonic is announcing a trial version, so it is highly likely. Before the start of widespread sales, the device will undergo more than one revision, and the shortcomings will be eliminated. The company has already begun work on a new version of the VR headset. This product was also presented at CES, but so far only as a model.

In Ukraine, it will be possible to get acquainted with the new product as soon as it appears on sale, to experience it personally, having passed a lot of modern games loved by many users, in the Vrata club, located in Odessa. We follow the latest in VR and try to purchase the freshest and highest quality equipment for our customers so that they can enjoy virtual reality to the fullest, feeling the most immersive.

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