Frantics. Great game for a small company

Frantics or Mad Men is a relatively new game that was released in 2018 and has not yet had time to get dusty on the shelves. It is exclusive for the PS4 game console from the rather popular and well-known PlayLink line. To start the game, all participants need to download the application to their smartphones, where they will choose a name and take a selfie. In the next step, the participants choose which animal they want to play as and, voila, the game finally begins! A somewhat disheveled Fox with a sardonic and ironic wit, designed to rekindle playful rivalry between players, is hosting the party.

What is the essence of this game?

Each game will consist of four mini-games and a grand finale. There are fifteen types of such tests in total. Somewhere your characters will have to participate in races, and somewhere they will push on a very slippery platform. In general, the developers have come up with a huge number of such tests, where the player needs to beat his comrades and become the first.

Let's take a look at some mini-games as an example. Parachuchu is a chicken game in which players fall freely and bump into each other to open their parachute at the last moment to land first.

Another game, the lone run, is a little more interesting. Each hero is given 3 lives at the start and he needs to get to the finish line without losing them all along the way. How many hearts it will be possible to convey, this is the number of points the player will receive for the entire round. Everything is as simple and understandable as possible in theory, but in practice, everything is not so cool. The entire track is filled with various obstacles that prevent the player from reaching the finish line, and other players are breathing down the back of their heads. Even the smallest collision with an obstacle will lead to the loss of one of the hearts, and if you lose all three, then the player will not see the finish line.

According to the results of the three races, the points are summed up among themselves, and the luckiest participant gets the crown. Of course, if he scored the most points. If all the players scored the same number of points, then the presenter, with a rather sad look, announces that friendship has won this time.

Last fight

According to the developers, there are a huge number of final scenarios, but we only came across two and this is very strange. But oh well. Let's take a look at the mechanics of the last fight at the ending that dropped out most often.

After completing all the mini-games, the Fox gathers players on the red carpet. The person who scored the most points is in an advantageous position. It is credited with an extra life for the final round. Another important point: gold coins that come across throughout the game. They also come in handy.

Before the final battle, players choose their weapons. This weapon has already appeared in some way in previous rounds. And here comes the time for all the collected coins. Each participant in the battle places a bet on the weapon he likes. Then everything is as simple and clear as possible: whoever has a higher stake takes the weapon. If your bet loses, then you will receive a weapon that no one liked. It's a shame, but not to enter the arena with bare fists.

The final battle is very similar to a dodgeball game. All players push against each other and try to knock down opponents. The more lives a player has, the more times he will survive after falling. The game itself also complicates the whole process - sometimes parts of the platform can disappear and it becomes easier and easier to fall.

Conclusions and some useful information

The game uses a motion sensor and a phone's touchscreen to turn it into an impromptu controller for mini-games. You need to tilt your phone, touch the screen, and swipe left and right to play several physical mini-games. The controls are great and work well most of the time, but there are some issues along the way.

Since this is a party game, Frantics is best played with friends. All the delights of the game quickly dissipate if you have no one to play with because playing with an NPC is not the same as playing with real human companions. After all, this is a party game. Even the adorable owner, the Fox, recommends friends, not NPCs.

Frantics is a great option for Playlink using mobile for casual mini-games. Games are creative, fun, and easily accessible to everyone. If you're looking for a well-made game to spend time with your friends, you can't go wrong with Mad Men.

If you want to play Madtsev on PS4, the Vrata virtual reality club invites you to st. Malaya Arnautskaya, 46

  • Not installed on all consoles


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