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That’s You

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It is very difficult to find a group of friends who agree to spend time together on a game console. After all, not everyone is addicted to video games. The Japanese company Sony has been on the market since 1994, and they are trying to achieve their goal - to find common interests between all players. She announced PlayLink technology in 2017, which is working on human interaction with a set-top box, mobile devices. The game "It's You!" is already available on PS4, but before you download it you need to know its advantages, the rules of the game.

PlayLink technology helps PS4 to bring people together. If you connect phones and a set-top box of all participants to one Wi-Fi point, you can get gameplay with two screens for each player. Basic information is shown on the TV, and what is happening on the personal screen is not available to other participants. Each game has different controls. For example, the character's movements will be visible on the TV, but the answers in a quiz or drawing will be displayed only on the phone.

PlayLink technology has already been used in games such as Just Dance, Sing Star. New interactive entertainment is now available - Frantics, Hidden Agenda, Knowledge is Power, SingStar Celebration karaoke and That’s You! By the production of "It's You!" was handled by Wish Studios, whose developers previously created a series of quizzes called "Buzz!" There is a fine line between interactive games, where you need to solve unusual questions and find the right answer.

What is "That’s You!" on PlayStation4

To play the game, you need to collect from 2 to 6 participants, it is ideal for a fun company. For "That's You!" A smartphone-based on iOS (above 9.0) or Android (above 4.4) is required. You will need to connect PS4 and participants' mobile devices to one Wi-Fi hotspot. If there is no router or an Ethernet cable is used, then in the game settings they select "Make PS4 an access point" and receive a password and login to a temporary access point. Then download the application "That's You!" from Google Play or App Store.

The name of the game was not chosen by chance, because it will allow you to get to know your friends and loved ones much better. The rules are so simple that even a beginner will find it easy to understand the essence of "That's You!" The player will have to answer unusual questions, predict the actions of other people in a given situation, complete tasks, and vote for the best work. Although the task seems simple, it helps to understand the other participants on a psychological level.

What is the purpose of the game

Each participant must collect as many points as possible by solving other players. To become a winner, you need to try to understand people, their actions, and thoughts as much as possible. For example, the question may appear "Who has the most strange guests for his birthday" and using a smartphone they select a person who fits this description. After the allotted time has expired, the result will be announced, but the results will not be anonymous. The game is not recommended for overly touchy and suspicious people. To prevent participants from feeling embarrassed, check the box next to "frank questions".

Players will receive more points if the majority votes for one person. Those who remain in the minority are left with nothing and receive nothing. During the passage of "That’s you!" it is necessary to try to understand the thoughts of the majority. If you are sure that many will vote for a certain answer, then you can put a gold plug on it, on which the Joker is drawn. If the bet is played, then the participant gets twice as many points. Each participant has a fixed number of tokens, so you need to manage them wisely. This does not apply to a game where there are only two people.

Questions do not always apply to all players, they can be directed to a specific person. For example, those present must answer the riddle "If Vyacheslav were a sculptor, what kind of sculpture would he be?" and choose a suitable image. The location where the participants are located directly affects the questions. If the player is in an amusement park, then he will be asked about the rest. You can visit the police station, bar, apartments, school, and other interesting places. Since the game has Russian voice acting, all questions and tasks are clear.

The players will compete in artistry. For example, a photo of a person grimacing will appear on the screen and the participants need to take the most similar selfie. The whole company then votes for the best job. There is also an art assignment. One of the players is photographed and everyone has to color the picture in some specific theme. It can be a clown, a student of a school, a person who has lived on a desert island.

What is the secret of the popularity of the game

"That's you!" attracts attention with high-quality content and design, where the entire interface and gameplay are thought out to the smallest detail. At the beginning of the game, participants are offered an old, shabby suitcase with stickers. Inside it, there are different chips, pictures, cards. All objects are very bright and beautiful. Interface animation creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The advantages of the game:

  • suitable for beginners;
  • ideal for a large company (up to 6 people);
  • PlayStation Plus subscribers can play for a whole month for free;
  • the ability to play with friends over the network;
  • self-adding additional questions.

Among the disadvantages of the game are the impossibility of playing alone and the lack of support for Windows Phone.

These fun games created with PlayLink technology can be played in the Vrata virtual reality club. Visitors will try themselves not only in “That’s you!”, But also play the popular Mortal Kombat 11 on PS4. This is a great option to spend time with friends or to celebrate your birthday! A huge selection of games and modern technology will brighten up your evening. Call, write and we will answer all your questions on the site

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