FIFA 21 overview

While the whole world is in quarantine, and you cannot visit the stadiums - all that remains is to play FIFA. This football simulator has long been an eSports discipline. There are tournaments with big prize money and players come from all parts of the world.

On the cusp of a new generation

There are practically no competitors in the world of computer football. Konami releases a new version of PES every year, and gamers say it's just a lineup update.

Despite similar accusations against Electronic Arts, there are changes in the new FIFA. Now you can finally control two players at the same time: to do this, while holding down the L1 key, you need to move the stick.

There is also nimble dribbling, which fits perfectly for players like Neymar. With R1 clamped, you can now wind up the defenders as much as you like, and from the side, everything looks like the ball is stuck to your feet.

"Creative run-ins" were also fixed. Now a football player controlled by AI will not constantly run offsides. Instead, players will find convenient openings for shooting and canopies.

Charged football

In FIFA 20, the new Volta courtyard football mode appeared, which smoothly migrated to the new part of the series.

Volta is great not only for fun but also for exploring all the possibilities of the game. You can test different types of passes, strikes, swings, and of course feints

The mode promotes constant play. Each match has different rules: somewhere with boards, and somewhere not. Sometimes you come across games 3 by 3, and other times 5 by 5. The size of the gate also changes: there are small or standard ones. Experiment with the schemes and release new recruits onto the field. The defeated collectives are the source of fresh strength. Consider the recruit's home arena, favorite scheme, and also pay attention to teamwork with partners and remember about specialization, because the attacker does not feel at ease at the gate. On the other hand, on a tiny field, roles are often mixed and the main scorer is a technical defender like Van Dyck. This is the beauty of yard football. The more skillful players there are, the higher the probability of victory.

The Volta campaign is purely for show. The protagonist and his team break into a street football tournament, where he encounters Zidane and Schmeichel, who give many tasks, for which they are awarded new items of clothing. Not everyone is interested in playing for the sake of new pants, so gamers are more likely to be attracted by the speed of the game. More wins - more experience. It is distributed among the characteristics where you need to spend points.

Endless quest

There are no cinematic videos in the career. You take any player you like and lead the club to the championship. Each pre-match week is full of training. In general, here in each section, there are training sessions that are better done than ignored.

Added the ability to watch the match online, and if necessary - to be involved in player management yourself. It turns out such a parody of Football Manager, only from EA. Of course, you can, as before, play all the matches yourself - this option will never be taken away from the players.

The coach in the new series of the game also monitors the physical condition of the wards, their mood for the game, and their tone. It is necessary to appoint training to increase the characteristics of the players. Without regular physical activity, players will lose tone. The system has been made more interesting than in FIFA 20, so you need to carefully schedule your team.

It is still important to attend press conferences. With their help, you can influence the players: both positively and negatively. Even after a lost match, you can improve the mood of the whole team by finding the right words. Well, just like Football Manager.

The rest of the coach's responsibilities are the same as always: you communicate with agents, deploy a scouting system, choose whom to buy or sign.

FIFA 21 looks great. Thanks to the courtyard football mode, every gamer will find something to their liking. You can do the youth academy in career mode, or maybe take the golden ball for Anton Zabolotny. Now you can even create your stadium in Ultimate Team: your banners, chants of your favorite team, and fire shows. Everyone has their own goals in the game, which is great.

When assessing the new game series, it should be noted its pros and cons:

  • Pros: The emphasis is now on attacking football, colorful animations have been added, the dribbling system has been reworked.
  • Cons: Lengthy negotiation scenes in a coach's career.

If you want to play FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4, then we are waiting for you at st. Malaya Arnautskaya, 46 in the gaming club of virtual reality Vrata.

  • Not installed on all consoles


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