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In the new single-player part of God of War, Kratos is back to challenge the ancient gods. Having killed the Greek Ares, and taking on his role as the god of war, this time the main character goes to the northern lands full of cruelty and cold hopelessness. He is accompanied by the wayward boy Atreus, who is the son of Kratos.

It is not easy to educate and fight with the most formidable opponents of the earth, sky, and parallel worlds, but the hardened Spartan is no stranger to it. You will find beautiful landscapes of the mythical north from the Scandinavian Sagas, long philosophical conversations between son and father, and, of course, epic battles.

Game's Plot

It is difficult not to notice significant differences in comparison with the previous parts - there is no that crazy and incredibly exaggerated cruelty: Kratos mentally matured and settled down and even wants to become just a human again. From the first minutes of the plot, players will have to feel the personal tragedy of the hero, who tried to live an ordinary peaceful life far in the north and started a family but was widowed.

Now, in the company with his son, in whose upbringing he almost did not take part, Kratos carries the ashes of his wife to scatter them at the highest point of the universe. On this path, the shadow of the past overtakes him, this time in the form of an enemy - a native of the Scandinavian pantheon. Having dealt with the first enemy, the hero and the boy continue their path, which will no longer be peaceful and cloudless.

It is worth noting that the creators of this part of God of War paid a lot of attention to northern legends and tales, which you will slowly get to know as you progress through this undoubtedly magnificent representative of the series.

Graphics and game mechanics

Already at the beginning of the game, it becomes clear that Kratos and Atreus can, in a sense, be called secondary heroes, because the first place in the entire gameplay is occupied by Leviathan - the ax that Atreus inherited from his wife. The mechanics of this weapon are mesmerizing: wherever it is thrown, it always returns to Kratos' hand. It is with his help that numerous enemies will have to be crushed.

The graphic component of the game is simply amazing, and the videos flow seamlessly into the gameplay and back. The combat system of God of War in 2018 has undergone significant changes and now reminds me of the Dark Souls series of games: it also does not forgive mistakes and requires the player to be completely collected and precise in actions. The number of possible combat combinations will increase as you level up, and Atreus is here for a reason - he is the same fighter, albeit not as strong as his father, but he significantly helps in battles and search of resources.


A large open world with beautiful northern views immerses you in a leisurely journey, in which important plot details are revealed in numerous conversations between the god of war and his son, whom he often calls simply "a boy." All this meditative action is periodically replaced by intense battles, and then again flows into the contemplation of the surrounding beauty.

Side effects and riddles, similar to those in Rising of the Tomb Raider, dilute the game. RPG fans will find a lot of interesting things in the latest God of War - clothes directly affect the gameplay, but you won't have to kill with packs of mobs: resources and equipment are naturally discovered as you complete tasks.

Is it worth playing?

Undoubtedly! God of War 2018 is another success of Sony, a gorgeous representative of the action-adventure genre and a full-fledged work of art. Here, the developers managed to create a soul for the game, beat the eternal problems of fathers and children, and not forget about what distinguishes the God of War series - furious battles with the gods. Come to our club Vrata at st. Malaya Arnautskaya, 46, to plunge headlong into this world worked out to the smallest detail.

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