Minecraft is a modern game that is cross-platform. Many games have long existed not only in the world of personal computers but also on the PlayStation 4 to reach the largest possible number of gamers. Don’t Starve and Diablo 3 are good examples of this strategy for companies.

Benefits of Minecraft for PlayStation

Why there are more and more people preferring to play on consoles? Of course, the point is in the complete absence of any hardware errors that PC gamers encounter. Some people find it more convenient to play on a controller, but PS does not win over that. This is a multi-person mode. It is much more interesting to play with friends in front of the TV than with random players on the server. The language barrier and other misunderstandings that can be encountered on the Internet automatically disappear.

Isn't it a dream to create a huge randomly generated world in which there are no barriers? A bunch of different cubes made of bulk materials, Lego constructor, will not let any gamer get bored. Any existing building can be built from these materials: from your house in the country to the Kremlin, or other architectural creation.

Minecraft is perfect for creative ideas. Unlimited freedom in the game allows you to do housework, gardening, search for raw materials, and many other interesting things. Doing this with friends is much more fun than alone or with strangers on the server.

The up to 4 player mode is the main trump card of the console version, which is not available to fans of Minecraft on personal computers. Also, there is a traditional mode, but it does not provide such a spectrum of emotions as the time spent playing together with close friends. You can cooperate, or compete with each other for domination - everyone chooses for himself.

Minecraft for PlayStation 4

The improved Minecraft graphics look especially cool on the big TV screen. It can be divided into four equal parts, where each of them will have one of your friends. When you play together, the level of communication is much higher than in a network game, because your game companion is sitting very close. You can arrange gladiatorial battles, build a fort together, or maybe you want to create separate square principalities. Minecraft on PlayStation 4 is a completely new experience that cannot be compared to playing on a computer.

From the very beginning, you can feel that the console version is created exclusively for fun. Exactly like Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition, the game is a priority, receiving more and more add-ons and features. It cannot be said that Minecraft on the next generation consoles is perfect for completely new players who have not yet received the experience of survival in a cube world. For them, there are books with recipes and instinctively understandable controls that attract to play another game.

The interface of the inventory screens, creating new items, brewing potions is made taking into account the limited capabilities of the gamepad. The small number of buttons was compensated for by an entirely new mechanic - quick recipes. Crafting in the console version turns into a pleasant and fast business. Due to the availability of ready-made recipes, everything is done much faster than on computers. The innovation should suit the taste of old players as well because now you can significantly save time on crafting items.


Without a doubt, the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft is the most entertaining game in existence. You will never be bored when a couple of friends are sitting nearby. Only in this case, Minecraft shows all its capabilities, giving players incredible emotions and a lot of pleasure. Console versions are a good choice for those who like to work in cooperation. For a small cost of the game, we get a complete absence of cheaters, and the opportunity to play with friends on the same screen, which is good news. If you want to play Minecraft on PlayStation 4, then we are waiting for you at st. Malaya Arnautskaya, 46 in the gaming club of virtual reality Vrata.

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