Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

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The Knowledge-Power game belongs to Party-gaming, providing all users to take part in the passage in the company. Most often, during home parties, board games are used as entertainment, the most common of which is the Mafia. Some people prefer a quieter pastime, choosing to watch new films or new episodes of their favorite TV series. However, if you are tired of all these entertainment options, then playing together on PS Plus is an alternative way to spend time fun and interesting.

Installing and running the game

To connect several participants to the game, you need to follow a series of simple steps:

1. Install a free application with the name of the game

The application can be downloaded from any available sites. It runs on Android or iOS operating systems.

2. Connect all electronic gadgets that will be used in the game to the general Wi-Fi network.

The game is designed as a quiz. Each participant chooses his character. The presenter speaks in a pleasant male voice, and the questions are read by his partner, who is displayed on the screen as a character. The interface is Russified, except for the soundtrack, subtitles are provided

Character choice

The character can be selected each time the game is started. After choosing a hero, the participants enter his name and take selfies, which are complemented by funny masks and filters. The resulting photo is valid until the end of the round. These features make using the game even more fun, as you can change faces and the fun will continue. будет продолжаться.


Each participant is asked questions with four possible answers. The choice is made in turn. If both players give the correct answer, then the points are distributed depending on the selected speed. The one who clicked on the correct option first gets more points.

The game is designed for the interests of different users, therefore it has many questions on various topics. Among them: history, music, cinema, biology, travel, and others. The exact number of questions is not known, but for the passage of five rounds in a row, not a single repetition occurs.

Additional functions

In addition to the main section with a quiz, there are several options for mini-games for participants:

  • Sort words

In the center of the screen, words have displayed that need to be sorted by topic by shifting to the left or right columns.

  • Relationships

The screen is divided into two halves and you need to connect the words from the upper and lower parts in pairs.

Mini-games are triggered unexpectedly during the main round and can earn players extra points. The one who manages to be the first to complete the tasks correctly receives bonus points, which are summed up with those previously earned on answers.

For more variety, the developers have provided several traps and pranks that can be planted by other participants.

Final game and determination of the winner

The game does not end on the passage of the quiz. The final round is represented by the ascent in the "king of the hill" format. All participants are divided into steps, depending on the points earned for the game. Then a blitz poll begins. Questions are asked quickly and the participant who, giving the maximum of correct answers, is the first to climb to the top, receives a prize, which is represented by a scroll containing a wise saying.

The game is decent and fun. Those who want to test their knowledge and speed, or arrange a competition among friends, are invited to the Vrata club, which is located at st. Malaya Arnautskaya, 46.

  • Not installed on all consoles


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