Raw Data

Raw Data Game Review

Many gamers have heard about RawData but don't know what it is. Welcome to the legendary competitive first-person shooter designed for virtual reality devices. During the competition, players must fight against machines and other players for valuable information held by the multinational corporation.

Description of RawData

According to the description, the game is a great technothriller, thanks to the passage with the Oculus helmets. All actions in the shooter are intuitive for every player. You can play alone, together with friends over the network. The shooter has active gameplay, in which there is a controller responsible for accessing the entire arsenal. Communication with players occurs through the body. You can distinguish between players and other characters by their avatar.

Raw Data: shooter plot

The game is set in Neo Shinjuku in 2271. World dominance is with Eden. But a team of fighters has revealed the mysteries and secrets of the newest line of robotic products from Eden Corporation. You are one of the elite soldiers, whose goal is to get the necessary information and go unnoticed. The mission is simple: sneak into the tower of the multinational corporation, steal valuable information and leave the territory secretly from the guards Eden. The global goal is to destroy the corporation.

Combat gameplay will help each user plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere where dangerous enemies are everywhere and you need to reach your goal as quickly as possible and destroy the entire corporation. Excellent graphics, user-friendly interface, and music allow you to plunge headlong into the world of fantasy.

The player can play independently or team up with other heroes of the surreal game to solve the most important task. The choice is up to every gamer. Test your wits, courage, and endurance during the unforgettable action game.

Passing RawData is associated with the use of modern weapons and modern developments in the field of nanotechnology. The player can choose to play one of three characters: the bishop, the squire, or the ninja. Depending on what character the gamer will play, he will be able to use different weapons: sword, boomerang, machine gun, and others. Besides, each character has access to technologies such as the possibility of telekinesis, the use of rapid-fire, charged shots, and other manipulations. To get a weapon, use and reload it, you only need your own hands. With your body movements, you can dodge grenades, and use your fists for close combat.

Game features:

  • Active VRCombat: all movements are carried out by controlling their own body;
  • Deadly mode game. Each ability a gamer can upgrade. This will make the player invincible. To do this, you need to score as many points as possible and spend them on the arsenal;
  • An abundance of enemies. On all sides the main character is surrounded by cars, laser gunners, rocket troops, and robots;
  • Availability of Internet assistants. You can enjoy playing solo or with other players who will help you on your way to defeat the multinational corporation.
According to reviews, RawData is a fun and addictive game where you can hone your skills and abilities. Using your strength, intelligence and determination will help you reach your goal and become a winner.

System requirements for PC

To enjoy the futuristic online shooter, the devices must meet certain requirements. The minimum requirements assume the ability to run the game on a Windows 10 computer with an Intel I5-4590 processor with 8 GB RAM and 10 GB hard disk space. The computer must be connected to a broadband network and have an NVIDIAGeForceGTX 970 graphics card.

Also, the developers recommend using a personal computer with 16 GB of RAM on an Inteli7-4770 processor. When these conditions are met, the game will launch and run at its best, with amazing graphics. Playable on HTCVive and ps4 devices.

Numerous reviews of RawData indicate that the shooter is light, yet addictive. The execution of each action causes a storm of emotions in the player, due to which an adrenaline rush is carried out. Allow yourself to feel like a real hunter during the melee and ranged combat by visiting the virtual club VRATA.

  • Not installed on all consoles


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